Sage 500 ERP

Strengths in the areas of Manufacturing, Distribution and Accounting.

Sage 500 ERPSage 500 ERP

Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS 500) is built from the ground-up with Microsoft SQL Server.

Sage 500 ERP has strengths in the areas of manufacturing, distribution and accounting.  Sage 500 ERP is built to help you build profits, and manage your inventory like never before, by streamlining your distribution processes.

Whether you just need basic warehouse and accounting functionality or full warehouse automation, Sage 500 ERP is your solution.


Exporting Data

Sage 500 ERP provides a variety of options to easily export data from your accounting system to MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, XML, Text or Comma Separated Value (CSV). It is so easy that you can usually do it with a SINGLE click of the mouse.

Reporting/Business Intelligence

Getting data out of your system is one of the most critical functions of an ERP system. Here is where Sage 500 ERP shines, because you have the option to take any standard Business Insight Explorer or Business Insight Analyzer view and modify them , or make multiple versions of it.   You can also create your own custom reports with a simple wizard that walks you through the process.  Or if you want you can create your own dashboards and deliver and distribute them through MS Excel.  Bottom line is you can get the data you need efficiently and effectively.