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HR can be hard when you go it alone. Now you don’t have to.
The People Savvy HCM Essentials team of seasoned HR Advisors will provide clear, actionable HR answers when you need them. It’s valuable HR protection for your business and peace of mind for you.

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What is People Savvy HCM Essentials?

People Savvy HCM Essentials is both a resource library and a team of live HR professionals ready to offer you guidance in all things related to Human Resources. This single service offers your organization access to expert answers in two ways.

HR On-Demand: Our team of certified HR advisors is available via email and phone when you need them. Whether it’s for understanding a regulation, getting advice on a policy, or learning about a best practice, our HR On-Demand professionals are there to talk you though it.

HR Support Center: In addition to tailored help, our comprehensive HR Support Center website – accessible through any browser on any device at any time – provides up-to-date information on an array of useful topics, including the following:

  • A Policy Library with Law Alerts
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Forms, Documents, and Templates
  • Employee Handbook Builder
  • Resources Covering Laws like ACA, FLSA, FMLA
  • Video Guides on Popular HR Topics
  • HR Training and Best Practices
  • Ask the Advisor Q&As
  • HR Fitness Test, to Assess HR Gaps
  • Monthly HR Newsletter with Hot Topics

HR tools, protection, answers, and templates. On demand.

Employees who manage HR spend up to 25 hours a month searching for HR answers. We know you have better things to do. That’s why we put all the answers in one place. With People Savvy HCM Essentials, you’ll quickly discover how much time you can save — and how much peace of mind you’ll get back.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Our HR Advisors can help you save thousands of dollars in HR costs and penalties. $1 invested in HR saves up to $10 in long-term investigation and litigation costs.

Save Time

Whether you manage HR for your organization as a full-time job or a part-time role, you know there’s always too much to do. With help from our HR professionals, you get the guidance and resources you need, quickly and reliably.

Regain Peace of Mind

Our HR Advisors have an average of 16 years experience. They provide expert, proven guidance so you can confidently tackle your HR issues – and stop searching HR message boards for answers.

People Savvy HCM

Effective HR programs can make you money.

A key function of successful HR programs is to help employees become and stay engaged and productive. But what does that look like when it comes to a company’s bottom line? Researchers at Cornell University studied several hundred companies that invested in key HR practices. The results showed significant financial impacts, as wells these key benefits:

  • Greater customer retention
  • Higher productivity
  • More operating income
  • Increase in referrals
  • Less employee absenteeism
  • Fewer safety incidents

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