Managed IT Services

Plan your IT future, and help you leverage IT in your business.

The Gartner Group reveals that 80% of a companies IT budget is spent on standing still!  Do you want to do more than just “maintain” your IT systems? Our experts can help you plan your IT future, and help you leverage IT in your business.

Statistically, one of the areas of a business that consumes your time and company efficiency more than anything else is your computer network.  We can alleviate that worry and stress with our variety of managed IT services allowing you to spend more time managing your business and not your network. From Cloud Hosting to Network Security and everything in-between, Bennett/Porter & Associates has an IT Solution for you.

Microsoft Silver Midmarket Services

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Cisco Meraki
HP Invent Business Partner


Server Monitoring

Computers work similar to cars in that they all send off warning signals when things start to go wrong.  Unlike a car though, unless you know what to look for and where to look, you won’t know anything is wrong until it’s too late.  With our state-of-the-art Server monitoring service, you will know something is wrong when the warning signals start, giving you time to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem.

Network Security

We live in a day where information is extremely valuable, so valuable that people buy and sell it. Your company information is an asset and in some cases it is your company.  We can put your mind at ease with our Network Security services, where we monitor your firewalls for spyware, hackers, viruses, and other network attacks, eliminating threats before they occur.

Onsite and Offsite data backups

Statistics reveal that 70% of companies that experience a major data loss are out of business within a year!  We are experts in making sure your data is safe, secure, and with our continuous on and offsite backup solutions, regardless of the potential disasterous event, we’ll have you covered.

Patch Management

Using our unique toolsets and IP, we manage your Windows and Third Party Software updates, removing the headache and inefficiency from your staff, therbey ensuring your systems are running safely and securely.

E-mail SPAM filtering

We can help you stop the SPAM before it reaches your network, keeping your company productive instead of bogged down in junk e-mail.

Cloud Computing

We can help you run your application software from anywhere, any time of the day with our new hosted server(s) option.

I just need an expert

If you just need an expert to call for a question, or a special IT project please give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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