Managed IT Services



Server Monitoring

Computers work similar to cars in that they send off warning signals when things start to go wrong. Yet unlike a car, unless you know what to look for and where to look, you probably won’t know anything is wrong until it’s too late. Our monitoring service functions proactively, providing plenty of time to resolve any issue before it grows out of control.

  • We prefer to attack potential issues head on, rather than finding out about them only after your systems – and your business – is down. That’s why we use state-of-the-art tools that alert us with critical information when anything starts functioning incorrectly. This early warning system allows us to react immediately and effectively.
  • Keeping your systems up to date makes them much less vulnerable to security exploits. It can also be a time-consuming headache to coordinate and stay current. Our patch management routines ensure that your workstations and servers stay up to date with the latest functional updates, patches, and service packs.
  • It’s not only updates that we can push out from our central location. We can easily and efficiently deploy software as well. If your business has custom software needs, we can build scripts to support them.


Statistics reveal that 70% of companies that experience a catastrophic data loss are out of business within a year! We are experts in making sure your data remains safe and secure, even when – and after – your computer systems crash irreversibly. Our continuous onsite and offsite backup solutions have you covered, regardless of an event’s potential for disaster.


Network Security

These days, information has immense value; so much so that it functions almost like currency. That’s why your company’s information is one of its most precious assets. In some cases, your information is your company. We can put your mind at ease with our network security services. We monitor your firewalls for spyware, hackers, viruses, and other network attacks, eliminating threats before they unfurl themselves into trouble.

  • We partner with industry-leading vendors to provide enterprise level firewall security, VPN connectivity, and network bandwidth management. Wherever danger has the potential to exist, we have the tools and the know-how to identify and remove it.
  • Everyone has their own favorite antivirus software. Unfortunately, what works on your personal computer at home may not be sufficient to defend a network of business machines. What we know is that a strong, centrally managed system is the best solution for organizations today. Let us know if you need help from those persistent viruses, & we’ll let you know what your best options are.
  • Even the most sophisticated warning system is useless without the expertise to use it. Our team has years of training and experience using the network security systems we put in place. That’s why we use them for our own, in-house security, too.

Email Spam Filtering

There’s not much more annoying than having to manually filter through a bunch of spam in your inbox to find the important correspondences. We can help you stop all that junk mail before it reaches your network, keeping your company productive instead of bogged down. Our solution is based in the cloud and filters out spam before you ever see it. It also allows for whitelist and blacklist management as well as intelligent email tracking and continuity. Never go completely without email again.

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