People Savvy HCM Session #4

How and Why the ACA Manager Works the Way it Does

What is ACA? Some say it is “Another Confusing Acronym,” and while that may be, hopefully after attending this webinar you will have a much better understanding of how the system can create great efficiencies for tracking and reporting. See why Benefit and ACA profiles make all the difference in creating Form 1095s. Join us to learn how to review information throughout the year, and help make the first of the year a little less stressful!

Tuesday, July 18th

$299 per company per quarter of educational sessions. An unlimited number of employees from the same company may register for as many sessions as requested in a quarter. The company will be invoiced after first registration. Each user attending a session must register individually. To confirm if your company is already registered, please call 503-620-3484.

  • How and Why the ACA Manager Works the Way it Does
    July 18, 2023
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm