IT Session #6

Business Continuity & IT Disaster Management

If you are concerned about whether your organization can survive being offline for a few days, or losing even a few hours worth of data, then this course is for you. Business continuity planning allows you to have a plan in place in the case of a cyber attack, ransomware, corrupted data, file deletion or overwrites, power and internet outages, or other factors. We’ll discuss some of the most important options like backups, cloud hosting and ISP redundancy help to mitigate the effects of a disaster event. We discuss why you need a plan in case something goes wrong. The worst time to come up with a plan is when you actually need one, so get ahead!

Tuesday, Aug 8th

$299 per company per quarter of educational sessions. An unlimited number of employees from the same company may register for as many sessions as requested in a quarter. The company will be invoiced after first registration. Each user attending a session must register individually. To confirm if your company is already registered, please call 503-620-3484.

  • Business Continuity & IT Disaster Management
    August 8, 2023
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm