Document Workflow & Approval

Manage the approval process however complicated or simple it might be.

In almost any organization there comes a time when certain documents or transactions need to be processed and approved based on a company policy or procedure. Keeping track of the documents during this process can be a challenge at best or simply impossible. ASG-Cypress provides a way for you to easily manage the approval process however complicated or simple it might be, you setup the rules and Cypress takes care of the rest!

ASG Cypress



Cypress workflow allows you to setup, based on users, if you want to have the user notified about a new document waiting approval. The notification will e-mail the user that a new document needs their approval and will also provide them a link so they can easily launch the document and provide the necessary approval or rejection.

But I Need Workflow For Other Things Besides Accounting Transactions

That is ok; Cypress was built to meet ALL of your document management needs. Cypress workflow allows you to setup a workflow and then a final approval or rejection queue for each of your workflow processes. If you want you can combine queues together or keep them separate, bottom line is Cypress is designed to fit your processes not the other way around.

Audit Trail

Cypress workflow will keep track of all workflow activity for a document so you can easily go back and figure out what happened and when.


Users can highlight areas of the document and make notes, similar to post-it notes that you commonly see on paper documents. This makes it easy for users to share additional information about the document with other users who are either part of the approval process or a user who may look at the document at a later time.

Group Approval

You may have some transactions or documents that can be approved by anyone that is part of a group. With Cypress this is handled automatically allowing any user within the group to approve the document, once approved Cypress will track which individual in the group provided the approval.