Document Security

Security should not be a burden to your users.

Information is becoming more and more valuable and because of that it becomes a greater and greater liability risk for companies. In fact in recent years we have seen government become increasingly involved in information regulation, most recently is the HIPPA and PCI regulations dictating how consumer health and financial data is stored. These regulations create an extra burden for your business, but the good news is they don’t have to be. Here at Bennett/Porter we represent a document management product called ASG-Cypress, when it comes to securing documents it sets the standard and outshines the completion and we believe once you see it you will agree.

ASG Cypress


Security Should Not be A Burden To Your Users

Typically the more security you have the greater the burden on the end-user, translating into more time spent on things that don’t make money for the company. Fortunately with Cypress this is not the case, in fact security is for the most part transparent to the user. Rules setup in Cypress automatically determines how the document is to be secured. Cypress does this by either reading the information off the document or based on the information the user provides when filing the document. Cypress is so good at this that it can apply security uniquely to each individual page of a document. Example, in the world of Payroll often times information needs to be secured by department because the Sales manager may not and should not be looking at the Admin department. However, most Payroll reports contain all departments so in order to keep the departments separate the Payroll department must spend extra time breaking up the reports and then distributing them or posting them to their electronic filing system. But with Cypress all that extra processing goes away because Cypress can take a whole report with all departments and then automatically secure each page based on the department code or name printed on the document! If you think that sounds too good to be true, call us up we would love to show you some Cypress magic!

How Much Control Do You Need?

Often times a system will determine the control for you and then you must fit your processes or requirements around it. The good news with Cypress, it is actually the other way around, you determine the control you want to implement. Cypress will allow you to control if the user can view the document, add to the document, modify or even if they can copy text off the document. Cypress will also let you control the login time-outs or you can require they login every time they access documents. Example: there is a large hospital that uses Cypress to track patient records and files. Because of HIPPA regulations and the public environment, most of the computers must have tight controls of patient health records. In order to accomplish this, users are required to type in their user name and password each time they request documents. Now that may seem a little extreme, but for them it was the control they were looking for. The important thing to remember is, you determine the control you want!

Audit Trail

Security is built and given based on the trust you place on the users, and even though you may think you know your users sometimes a user can throw a curve ball at you. Because of this Cypress has given you the ability to determine how much of an audit trail you want to track. Cypress can track who viewed a document, who printed a document even what pages of the document they viewed or printed. Cypress can also track what documents were sent to whom. And of course who approved a document and who rejected a document, giving you a complete history based on the user or the document.

Remote Users

When it comes to security remote users tend to complicate the whole process. However, with Cypress it doesn’t need to be complicated. Because cypress is deployed thru your intranet and accessed via a web browser all you need to do is apply an SSL certificate on your web server and you are done. No vpn tunnels or terminal server sessions or Go-to-my-PC type applications required!

Users Outside the Organization

Again outside users, similar to remote users always tend to require you to make exceptions or implement weird work-arounds that in the end are complicated or never work quite right. Fortunately with Cypress you can allow external users to come into a secure web page and see the documents they are allowed to see. No work-arounds, no extra steps required to make the documents available to the external users. Letting your users spend more time on tasks that make the company money!