Document Imaging

Tools for your document scanning needs ensuring maximum flexibility.

Even though we live in a digital age every company deals with paper at some level. In fact, statistics show that there is more paper printed and used in business today than 10 years ago! Fortunately Cypress provides the ability to scan in documents and supports OCR (optical character recognition), Zonal OCR, ICR (Intelligent character recognition), Zonal ICR, full text data, and metadata. Cypress provides a variety of tools for your document scanning needs ensuring maximum flexibility.

ASG Cypress


Hardware Independent

Many Document Management solutions require approved scanners for scanning and submitting documents. With Cypress you are free to use whatever scanner fits your needs. The only requirement is if the scanner is connected to your PC it must be a Twain compatible scanner (which most scanners are), otherwise if it is a central all-in-one scanner/copier/printer it must be able to save a scanned document to a directory on your network. We can help you determine what scanners would work best for your needs.

Remote Scanning

If you have remote users you know how difficult it is to get them integrated into your systems. However, with Cypress, remote users are really no different than local users, with a SSL certificate on your server, users can submit and retrieve documents from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Batch Scanning

Depending on the amount of paper your company receives on a daily basis you may need to scan in large number of documents or batches of documents. Typically those large batches of documents must be manually filed, sorted, and sometimes distributed which can be both time consuming and expensive. However with Cypress that task can be trimmed down significantly so the user only needs to review the scanned documents, from there Cypress will auto-index, sort, file and even distribute those documents automatically, saving you time and money.

Filing And Indexing Scanned Documents

Scanning documents is useful only if you can later find and retrieve the appropriate document. Cypress provides a variety of ways to allow users to apply indexes or metadata to the scanned documents. Depending on your requirements Cypress can be easily customized, by you, to match your filing process.