Document Distribution

You can have documents automatically e-mailed, faxed, saved in a directory.

How much time do you or your users spend making copies of reports and then mailing or manually distributing them to users? Or how much money is spent mailing documents to other offices or to your customers, vendors and employees? With Cypress you can have documents automatically e-mailed, faxed, saved in a directory or automatically combined with other reports and then distributed. Cypress can save your company time and money by streamlining or eliminating your manual distribution process and reducing the amount of mail you send out.

ASG Cypress



ASG-Cypress can receive or send faxes. Cypress can send faxes manually, where the users specifically sends a document via fax and types in a fax number. Or Cypress can be trained to recognize a document that needs to be faxed and fax it automatically when it comes into the Document Management system saving you time.

Internal E-Mailing

Cypress can be trained to e-mail documents to internal users. However, due to the need to maintain the security integrity of documents we recommend that Cypress be setup to e-mail a link to the internal user. Doing this prevents inboxes from getting filled up with extra documents. Within Cypress users can of course e-mail any document with a simple click of the mouse.

External E-Mailing

e-mailing is increasingly becoming the standard for sending and receiving documents. Cypress can automate the e-mailing of documents and forms. Cypress can be trained to automatically recognize a document that needs to be e-mailed and e-mail it to the appropriate e-mail address as a pdf or tiff attachment. In fact Cypress can read e-mails off a document and send the appropriate pages to the correct e-mail address. Example if you printed 50 invoices Cypress can determine what invoices are to be e-mailed and e-mail the correct invoice to the correct customer.

Multiple Documents

Very often a department, especially at month-end, may have several reports that need to distribute to multiple users. Often times this requires a person gathering the reports then combining and sorting them and then distributing the reports to the appropriate users. If you have ever had to do this you will know how tedious and time consuming this can be. We have good news for you, Cypress can automate that task for you, in fact Cypress can do the combining, sorting and even the waiting for all the reports and of course the distribution of those reports to the appropriate users. Cypress can even separate the reports out and give the appropriate portions to the correct users. Example let’s say you have department reports that are distributed at the end of the month each department manager has his/her reports they receive from accounting, marketing, and sales. Cypress can take the reports received from accounting, marketing and sales figure out which portion of each report goes to which department manager and distribute them automatically and the only thing accounting, marketing and sales had to do was print their reports!

Output File

On occasion you may need certain reports or forms to be saved to disk. Cypress can be setup to automatically save documents to disk in a variety of file formats.

Externally Shared Documents

Your company may have the need to publish documents to external users. Cypress can automate this process and even maintain the security of the document at the same time. You can even control what documents a user can see simply based on the login credentials of the user. Letting Cypress manage this distribution of documents allows you to maintain and manage your documents from one location.


It is great to have documents automatically sent here or there but what if it doesn’t happen correctly, something fails who is to know? Fortunately with Cypress you can have a user(s) notified if a document failed to be sent properly.