Document Archive

Lost documents cost your company money.

Two things are almost always true about any company, they have filing cabinets and those filing cabinets don’t get backed up! There are studies that have been done that say up to 70% of companies that lose their documents and or data will be out of business within 5 years. Whether that is true or not for you is not as important as the fact that lost documents cost your company money. Here at Bennett/Porter we can help you electronically archive your documents, making them recoverable in the event of a disaster. More importantly we can make your documents searchable so you can spend less time looking for documents and more time on the things that make money!

ASG Cypress


Saving Time And Money With Audits

Being audited is always disruptive to your business but what if you could minimize the time and cost of an audit? The ASG-Cypress solution has proven that it can save our customers both time and money; in fact one of our customers cut their audit from a 4 week audit down to 1 week. The savings alone from that one audit paid for their Cypress solution!

Corporate Compliance

Depending on the size of your company you may have a corporate compliance requirement, requiring documents to be retained for a specified period of time. The difficult part of managing that policy is the retaining and purging of the documents, if you have ever managed that process you know how resource intensive that is. The good news for you is that we have a solution that makes any corporate compliance requirement a synch. In fact, once you setup the policy in Cypress you don’t need to worry about it, Cypress will manage it automatically from the time the document is created to the time it is deleted.

Document Retention

Unfortunately every company is required to keep documents, per IRS regulations. The good news is that we have a cost effective solution that can manage your documents for you and keep track of how long the document is to be saved.

Cypress will save you time from filing because you won’t have to purchase filing cabinets. This will also save room in your office, and ultimately money.

Document Search Speed

Companies often overlook this question when evaluating Document management applications. As with any database, but especially documents, as it grows it tends to get slower. However, this is where Cypress is VERY different in fact Cypress is so unique in this area they actually have a US Patent on their search algorithm. Cypress guarantees that if you search for a document, it will always take the same length of time; in other words if today you have 15,000 documents and then 5 years from now you have 10 million documents it will always take the same length of time to find a specific document regardless of the number of documents in your database.

Finding The Right Document

Almost all document management system searches will return the documents found, but if that document has more than 20 pages it may take you additional time to track down the specific page with the information you are looking for. Again this is yet another area that Cypress is uniquely different than the completion. Cypress will not only return the document you were searching for but it will also highlight the specific pages in the document that contain the information you were looking for!