Cloud Hosting



Run Software from Anywhere

Gone are the days when the same job happened on the same specific computer sitting on the same single desk. Whether across a warehouse or across a continent, workforces are more mobile than ever, and they require computing solutions that can travel with them rather than tie them inefficiently to one location. Hosting your software applications in the Bennett/Porter cloud empowers people with the software tools they need anytime, anywhere. Organizational agility increases as do cost savings, and your employees waste less time just trying to access information.


The Hybrid

More than likely, you’ve already invested quite a bit of time and money in your network infrastructure, and much of your hardware may still be usable today. However, for the parts of your network that are aging, we offer an à la carte approach. Keep using your capable hardware and software. As you phase out portions of your network, consider enhancing your enterprise with cloud hosting options.


Optimize Hardware Spending

Hardware begins its march towards obsolescence the moment it is installed. With enough systems deployed, it may even feel like your organization is in perpetual upgrade mode. All of that change is expensive for several reasons. Of course the hardware itself is costly. You also need to employ the in-house expertise to install it correctly, and then there’s the soft costs of people being idle while systems are upgraded. The systems in Bennett/Porter’s data center stay up to date with the latest hardware, software updates, and security available. We use state-of-the-art equipment to power our cloud servers, which allows our clients to host their email, files, and applications offsite…without all that overhead.

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