BizNet Software Suite

Real-time connection to your enterprise data.


Did you know that 80% of business users prefer to use Excel™ as their reporting tool?

BizNet® applications offer powerful business analytics solutions with out-of-the-box integration and Excel-based reporting that successful mid-market organizations expect. All of your reporting activity is done in a single application. Start in Excel, stay in Excel!

Get to your data fast with BizNet’s pre-built connectors. With connectors to over 70 systems and 15 ERP solutions – including Sage and Acumatica – you can harness pre-built functions and formulas. Gain rapid and powerful insight into your data from General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, and Sale Order modules. It’s true business intelligence built in seconds.

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BizInsight Professional Edition

bizinsight_professional_logoTake Excel™ reporting to the next level. BizInsight™ Professional creates a secure, real-time connection to your enterprise data, assuring users that they are working with data that is both protected and accurate. Create your financial reports in Excel, with no need to import/export data and no need to leave Excel to re-run your reports. Plus, there’s no need to re-create the reports you’ve already spent hours creating. Simply drag the BizInsight function into your existing reports to create a dynamic report live-linked to your data. BizInsight Professional’s unique ability to enable dynamic, multi-dimensional drill down to detailed information provides a level of business insight unsurpassed by other reporting tools.


BizInsight Desktop Edition

bizinsight_desktop_logoLet your data sources converge here. BizInsight Desktop’s intuitive interface lets you import all the data you need, drill into it, and present your analysis through nearly effortless reports. Gather your data into Excel from any source and elegantly report on it. Let BizInsight Desktop edition remove the complexity of managing big data.


BizBroadcast1Empower single-click report distribution. BizBroadcast lets you create an automated information delivery system for all levels within your organization. Users receive their reports in formats and methods that are both preferred and appropriate. The BizBroadcast Scheduler tool makes information sharing easy yet personalized, so you can keep everyone in your organization feeling unique while still on the same page.