Document Management with ASG-Cypress

Streamline output and print processing, while permitting the storage and archiving of documents

The ASG-Cypress® Suite is a modular content management system for ingesting, assembling, integrating, delivering, and storing documents. It enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and output of content within and outside the enterprise. It creates a unified document output, print and customer communication management solution for an entire enterprise. It eliminates barriers that prevent organizations from having an ideal state of knowledge about its content and how it is managed. The ASG-Cypress Suite’s common architecture allows information to flow between disparate applications and information technologies, just as if they were designed to work together. These unique capabilities give users and business processes straightforward and painless access to information as needed, without the limitations imposed by multiple platforms, operating systems, file systems, applications, and devices.
Document Management with ASG-Cypress

Key Features:

Document Security

Information is becoming more and more valuable and because of that it becomes a greater and greater liability risk for companies. In fact in recent years we have seen government become increasingly involved in information regulation, most recently is the HIPPA and PCI regulations dictating how consumer health and financial data is stored. These regulations create an extra burden for your business, but the good news is they don’t have to be. Here at Bennett/Porter we represent a document management product called ASG-Cypress, when it comes to securing documents it sets the standard and outshines the completion and we believe once you see it you will agree.

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Document Archive

Two things are almost always true about any company, they have filing cabinets and those filing cabinets don’t get backed up! There are studies that have been done that say up to 70% of companies that lose their documents and or data will be out of business within 5 years. Whether that is true or not for you is not as important as the fact that lost documents cost your company money. Here at Bennett/Porter we can help you electronically archive your documents, making them recoverable in the event of a disaster. More importantly we can make your documents searchable so you can spend less time looking for documents and more time on the things that make money!

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Document Distribution

How much time do you or your users spend making copies of reports and then mailing or manually distributing them to users? Or how much money is spent mailing documents to other offices or to your customers, vendors and employees? With Cypress you can have documents automatically e-mailed, faxed, saved in a directory or automatically combined with other reports and then distributed. Cypress can save your company time and money by streamlining or eliminating your manual distribution process and reducing the amount of mail you send out.

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Document Workflow & Approval

In almost any organization there comes a time when certain documents or transactions need to be processed and approved based on a company policy or procedure. Keeping track of the documents during this process can be a challenge at best or simply impossible. ASG-Cypress provides a way for you to easily manage the approval process however complicated or simple it might be, you setup the rules and Cypress takes care of the rest!

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Document Imaging

Even though we live in a digital age every company deals with paper at some level. In fact, statistics show that there is more paper printed and used in business today than 10 years ago! Fortunately Cypress provides the ability to scan in documents and supports OCR (optical character recognition), Zonal OCR, ICR (Intelligent character recognition), Zonal ICR, full text data, and metadata. Cypress provides a variety of tools for your document scanning needs ensuring maximum flexibility.

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