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Acumatica Support Expectations

When can I expect a response from Support regarding my new case?
We strive to respond to all support-related calls as quickly as possible. However, we do prioritize based on the severity of the issue. Our target response times are as follows:

  • Urgent Support Calls Within 1business hour
  • Standard Support Calls Within 4 business hours

What or who determines if a support case is urgent?
All support questions are important, but some rise to the level of urgent and must be addressed as quickly as possible. In general, we consider a case urgent if it prevents an organization’s ability to transact business. Here are a few examples of urgent cases:

  • unable to process and/or print payroll checks
  • encountering errors with printing or processing Accounts Payable checks
  • a mission-critical server or related hardware is non-responsive
  • unable to log into your Bennett/Porter supported ERP, HCM, or Cloud system
  • errors that are preventing completion of a time-sensitive report

How can I escalate my support case?
Occasionally, a support issue may require escalation. As our client, you have the right to escalate a support case to urgent, especially if the issueis preventing you from conducting business. To escalate a case, please call our main number (503.620.3484) or send an email to and ask for your case to be escalated.


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