Currency Management

Acumatica Cloud ERP - Currency Management

Do you conduct business globally? Then your software needs currency management features advanced enough to support your international subsidiaries, vendors, and customers around the world. Automatically calculate both realized and unrealized gains and losses, revalue accounts, and translate financial statements.

Key Benefits

Calculate Realized Gains and Losses

Let Acumatica automatically calculate realized gains and losses from foreign currency transactions, including payments received and issued along with funds transfers between accounts.

Adjust Unrealized Gains and Losses

Automatically prepare auto-reversing entries in the General Ledger for all open documents recorded in foreign currencies. Acumatica also makes it easy to create adjusting entries for unrealized gains and losses resulting from currency exchange.

Translate Financial Statements Automatically

Manage subsidiaries operating in a foreign currency, or prepare your financial statements in a different currency. Using the General Ledger module, you can automate the consolidation of financial statements from multiple subsidiaries.
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