Accounts Receivable

Acumatica Cloud ERP - Accounts Receivable

Automate processes for managing customer accounts and improving collections. Track your receivables with comprehensive reporting that’s available any time…and anywhere.

Key Benefits

Leverage Options for Statement and Invoices

Obtain total control over creating and delivering customer invoices and statements, and keep comprehensive records for reference and future audits. You can format the statements you create for printing, web, or PDF delivery.

Receive Payments by Credit Card

Accept PCI-compliant credit card payments with the flexibility to handle manual charges, voided transactions, and refunds. View credit card transactions, and issue warnings about expiring credit cards before they can’t be processed anymore. Our included plug-ins allow you to connect to any bank processing center.

Meet Your Revenue Recognition Requirements

Use deferred revenue codes for individual line items at invoicing to support your revenue recognition requirements. The system recognizes the current part of deferred revenue and generates the appropriate transactions.

Manage Credit Control by Parent Accounts

Does your company have multiple branches? Configure parent-child relationships in Acumatica between the customer accounts that represent these companies and manage credit control from the parent account.

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