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Electronic Timesheet Management

People Savvy HCM allows you to avoid the hassle of chasing, approving, and auditing paper-based employee timesheets. Choose from nine different electronic timesheet templates, according to position, for time recording. An automated routing process reduces costly manual payroll and data entry errors while maximizing efficiencies. Data can be collected via InTouch time clocks, a browser window, or mobile apps.


Employee Self-Serve (ESS)

With ESS, employees can submit timesheets as well as time-off requests. Both are routed electronically to appropriate supervisors for review and approval/rejection. When time-off is requested, supervisors can quickly view other time-off requests during the same timeframe in order to make a decision that doesn’t leave any department shorthanded. Supervisors can also address and resolve missing or suspect timesheet punches prior to forwarding to payroll.


Pay Rules Management

People Savvy HCM allows you to set rounding rules and track early-in, late-out, and missing punches. The software helps employers comply with labor laws by applying overtime policies and tracking skipped or missed breaks and lunches. Vacation, sick, holiday, and other paid time-off requests and approvals are made easy using automated workflows and alerts. So managers can spend less time shuffling paper and more time engaging with employees.



Scheduling is critical for budgeting labor costs, forecasting overtime, improving productivity, and controlling costs. People Savvy HCM’s scheduler allows employers to create schedules for any shift type (including split shift, on-call, and multiple) and assign it to employees daily, weekly, or in specified patterns. The scheduler helps ensure adequate shift coverage by showing the number of employees scheduled in each shift, including by skill/certification, if needed.

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