Document Management

When it comes to Document Management or going paperless, Bennett/Porter represents one of the most versatile and proven products on the market today. ASG-Cypress Document Management is used by many of the Fortune 1000 companies and continues to prove that its scalability is unequaled. Cypress has made the same scalable product affordable to small and mid-sized companies. What makes Cypress better than its competion? It is the ability to easily deploy and integrate to your company’s existing applications along with its ability to manage all of your document storage and document process needs. It is what we call Complete Document Management.

Key Features

Improved Filing Efficiency

We always say that if you move the filing person from the filing room to a computer you have not gained any efficiency, in fact you have probably lost accuracy and efficiency. What if documents could file themselves? In theory they can – as they have all the information it needs to file itself in the right categories. Take an Invoice for example. It has the customer number, name, invoice number and a variety of other bits of information, wouldn’t it be nice if you could train your computer to file that invoice under the customer, automatically! Well the good news is you can! With Cypress, you can train your computer to automatically recognize and file documents based on information on the page. And you can do more – you can tell Cypress how to secure the document, who to distribute it to (e-mail, fax, or print), all based on information on the document. Now that is what we call Improved Filing efficiency!

Simple Deployment

The one thing IT departments dread is another application to maintain on a user’s workstation. One of the unique features of ASG-Cypress is that the end-user interface is Internet Explorer and a network printer, two things almost every workstation already has. Simply install the Cypress network printer, verify Internet Explorer can connect to the Cypress Intranet server and your done. 

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

If your users know how to print and launch Internet Explorer they are already half-way trained on using ASG-Cypress. Because Cypress utilizes common applications and functions users are already familiar with, most users learn how to use ASG-Cypress’s Document Management system in a matter of hours, instead of days or months like most other document management systems.

Remote Users and Remote Access

Because Cypress is web-based it can be accessed virtually anywhere by any authenticated user. All you need is an SSL certificate installed on your web server and you are ready to go.

Document Search Speed

Companies often overlook this question when evaluating Document Management applications. As with any database, but especially documents, as it grows it tends to get slower. However, this is where Cypress is VERY different – in fact Cypress is so unique they actually have a US Patent on their search algorithm. Cypress guarantees that if you search for a document it will always take the same length of time, regardless of the number of documents in your database.

Finding the Right Document

Almost all document management system searches will return the documents found, but if that document has more than 20 pages it may take you additional time to find the specific page with the information you are looking for. Again this is yet another area that Cypress is uniquely different than the competion. Cypress will not only return the document you were searching for, but it will also highlight the specific pages in the document that contain the information you searched!

Open Architecture

Out-of-the-box, Cypress gives you all the tools you need to easily interface Cypress Document Management with your current application(s). Cypress supports an open architecture, so integrating to your existing applications is easy.  Of course documents can always be submitted just by printing. Here at Bennett/Porter, we have assisted our customers with interfacing Cypress with a variety of applications and all without modifying existing code.